More testing per square foot


Accelerate test creation, execution and maintenance with twice the speed


Autonomous abilities

A wide range of autonomous features, including auto-discovery auto-maintenance of assets, autonomously tracking changes and updates.


Deep learning capabilities

Detects changes and enables self healing for test assets, giving you critical, real-time feedback to ensure durability and scalability from the beginning.


User friendly nature

NLP engine aims to make your team’s life simple. You can instantly create test cases, scripts and data, giving you more time to fix errors and innovate on updates.

Overview of TestIQ


AutonomIQ’s TestIQ is a cloud platform that enables product and IT teams to autonomously test, release and deploy software, thereby increasing velocity of software releases without compromising quality. Taking advantage of TestIQ's Natural Language Understanding algorithms, customers can instantly create test cases, generate test scripts and test data, and execute tests. Using deep learning capabilities, TestIQ detects changes, enables self healing for test assets and provides advanced diagnostics In real world situations, TestIQ has been shown to provide over ~50% improvement in speed and quality compared to existing tools and techniques.

UI Features loved by developers:

  • Autonomous Test Script and Data Generation by Importing Existing Test Cases

  • API Testing and Business Logic Validation

  • Continuous Test Execution

  • Database validation

  • Accelerated Test Case Creation




Using Autonomiq, you can verify if the label of an element matches, contains, begins with, ends with a certain text. You can also verify if a certain element is visible or enabled on the screen.

Yes, Autonomiq can be used to verify the UI properties of elements such as color, width, height, font size, font style etc.

Yes. You can write the test step as – “upload file” and provide the name of the file to be uploaded as test data.

Yes. You can merge multiple test steps into one row. For example, instead of specifying login in three steps – 1) Enter username. 2) Enter password 3) Click on Login, you can write a test step as – Enter username, password and click on login and Autonomiq will understand them.

No, it doesn't require test cases to be written in a certain format. Autonomiq uses Natural Language Processing technology which lets it parse and understand sentences in any format. For example, a sentence could be specified as “enter first name” or it could be “fill in first name” or it could be “fill in the name in first name textbox” and Autonomiq can create selenium scripts for all those steps

There’s a one time effort needed to break down the high level step into plain english steps for ONE test case ONLY (the first time the tool comes across a high level test step). From then onwards, any other test case that uses a similar high level step will automatically be broken down into plain english steps by the tool.

Yes. Autonomiq not only maintains test scripts, but also maintains test cases. This can be achieved through the CI/CD plugin. If the object locators or visual UI labels are changed in the new deployment, all impacted test cases and scripts will be maintained as the new deployment gets built.

Yes. When you are testing end to end business flows, being able to save a variable and retrieve it later becomes very important. In Autonomiq, you can save variables (for example – account ID, invoice ID etc) from a certain test case and use those variables in a different test case.

Yes. There is an out of the box integration with Jenkins. For other CI/CD tools such as Circle CI or Semaphore etc, Autonomiq has webhooks that can be invoked from CI/CD tools.

You can use Autonomiq's test case creation studio to create english test cases by simply interacting with the application.

No. We can parse the test cases as is. This is possible due to Autonomiq’s comprehensive NLP engine which can understand complex English sentence as we use in our conversational flow.

Yes, Autonomiq can augment your test cases with newly added elements in the new deployment.

Yes. Autonomiq can call User Defined Functions.

Yes. Autonomiq can generate scripts in Java, C# and Python.

Yes. Autonomiq supports invoking an API or running a SQL query as a part of the test case.

Yes. You can define loops and conditional test cases in plain English that Autonomiq can understand.



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