Key Testing Challenges


Complex and Critical Processes

Critical sales and related financial data are present in Salesforce.


Dynamic DOM structure

Complex DOM structure including dynamic iframes and objects makes it extremely hard to automate using traditional tools.


Customizations and Integrations

The magnitude of customizations and integrations possible with Salesforce makes it harder for a single traditional testing tool to suffice all requirements.

Core Value Proposition

  • AutonomIQ natively supports autonomous testing of any application developed on Salesforce.

  • AutonomIQ enables seamless transition of test cases from classic to lightning mode.

  • The solution can be used on any module by Salesforce functional expert with minimal to no experience with automation.


Features you’ll love


Pre-canned test cases

AIQ has a library of pre-canned test cases for Salesforce which makes it extremely easy to onboard personalizations.


Autonomous script and data generation

AIQ can autonomously generate automation scripts and test data from existing manual test assets documented in plain English.


Autonomous healing of test assets

AIQ can autonomously maintain test assets with minimal human intervention. This is especially useful for dynamically changing objects and iframes.


Functional experts become automation experts

Salesforce SMEs with almost no automation experience can create new test assets, automation scripts and execute them using AIQ’s AI platform.


Significantly reduce test execution time

AIQ creates auditable test execution videos and executions can be scheduled, on-demand or autonomous, and can be massively scaled for concurrent execution thereby reducing execution
time significantly.

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