Upon changes in the application under test, existing scripts typically stop working due to objects becoming invalid. In traditional frameworks, the automation engineer is then responsible to manually identify the impact and update the object repository with the latest object information in order to get existing scripts working again.


AutonomIQ’s self healing capabilities autonomously identify the impact of the application change and heal the object repository with the latest object information without manual intervention from the user. This is orchestrated through AutonomIQ’s plugins available for CI/CD tools such as Jenkins. Users have seen 8x to 10x productivity improvement in maintenance of existing automation scripts compared to traditional frameworks and products.


Eliminate Vendor Surprises

Develop new code with confidence, knowing that vendor App functionality has been auto-maintained with our solution.


Keep Apps and Assets Current

Discover and adjust test scripts using NLP. Understand change impact. Support User Acceptance Testing (UAT) with every change.


Generate New Scripts

New scripts get triggered in Jenkins by NLP discovery.

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