Would you walk 50 miles to work?


Writing 500 lines of Selenium code a day is just like that. You don’t have to do it.

AutonomIQ’s script generation feature is powered by its Natural Language Engine that has been trained on thousands of test cases in plain English. That means AutonomIQ can understand the intentions described in English and generate Selenium scripts for them.

Our customers say they’ve seen a 6x to 10x speed increase in writing new automation scripts, compared to traditional tools and products.


Maximize Output

Creates hundreds of test scripts in one day, not two.


Empower Everyone

Scripts Selenium without being hindered by a language barrier.


Pursue Passion

Flexibility for hard-core developers to program in their chosen languages.

The 1-2-3 of test script generation


If you can write English, you can write Selenium scripts in 3 minutes.

Features you’ll love


Auto-maintain assets

Reduce risk by discovering and adjusting test scripts using NLP. Keep apps current and eliminate vendor surprises.


Regulatory Compliance

Stay GDPA and HIPPA compliant with intelligent referential, intact subsets of data rendered anonymously through masking.


Integration with CI/CD pipeline

Automatically log defects and push to CI/CD for rapid resolution by integrating seamlessly with devops tools.


Full test coverage

Dramatically reduce risks with Plain English Testing, eliminating the need for expensive resources. No more push-and-pray.


End-to-end business process

Cover all critical scenarios with comprehensive A-to-Z tests. Use NLP to discover, segment and track serially.


Support any web/SaaS application

Use machine learning to test any web or SaaS application. Quickly identify bottlenecks and fix defects.

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