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The Customer implements large projects for government agencies but has been caught between requirements to deliver new functionality faster, keep delivery and project costs flat, avoid growing O&M costs, all with out sacrificing quality. Because applications run by government agencies had to comply to software defect SLAs, teams spent their time managing complex, outdated processes to test their code instead of focusing on new development or modernizing their application landscape. The Customer needed a scalable solution to accelerate feature velocity and improve test coverage with their existing resources.


Leveraging AutonomIQ’s Autonomous Testing Platform, the Customer was able to slash time spent creating automation scripts from 1 to 1.5 days to under an hour / script, and self-healing their scripts to cut out almost all their maintenance efforts. Moreover, the on-premise solution allowed the Customer to consume the Autonomous Testing Platform in their environment, giving them the ability to test complicated applications behind their firewall.


  • Business Analysts creating automation to put real users behind UAT testing at scale.

  • 90%+ reduction in effort for test automation creation.

  • Eliminate 100% of automation maintenance when there’s no change in business logic

  • 40% higher feature velocity

  • 10% cut in overall O&M budget

AutonomIQ allows us to slash the time our BA’s test by 50%

-VP of Business Systems

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