Artificial Intelligence

How AI Will Transform the Future of Work in IT
Taking central stage as a conversation topic for businesspersons, techies, and politicians alike, the role...
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3 Reasons I’m Looking Forward to StarWest
With StarWest rapidly approaching, we’re looking forward to immersing ourselves in everything related to software testing. We...
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Observations of an Autonomous Testing Company
As we work with more and more customers of various sizes and scale, we consistently...
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Autonomous Testing is Not Automation
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It’s Time to Graduate from Automation to Autonomous Software Testing Automation is relatively easy for...
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The Economic Impact of Accelerating Technological Change — The Autonomous Economy
While sitting in the London School of Economics visiting a friend, I began trying to...
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Autonomous UAT: How to Restore Agility and Quality to DevOps Testing
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User Acceptance Testing (UAT) typically involves multiple steps and manual tasks, taking testers and developers...
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