Raj Rao

3 Reasons I’m Looking Forward to StarWest
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With StarWest rapidly approaching, we’re looking forward to immersing ourselves in everything software testing, and are excited...
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Could QA Be the Key to Unleashing Agile Software Development?
Selenium users from all over the planet converged on the beautiful Lalit-Ashok hotel in Bengaluru,...
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Five Reasons I’m Looking Forward to the Selenium Conference 2018
Selenium Conference kicks-off in Bengaluru, India starting 28th - 30th of June. Here are my...
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How AI will Address the Tester Shortage and Software Quality
Despite limited attempts at automation, almost every aspect of the software test life cycle remains...
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Autonomous Testing is Not Automation
It’s Time to Graduate from Automation to Autonomous Software Testing. Automation is relatively easy for...
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Autonomous UAT How to restore agility and quality to DevOps testing
User Acceptance Testing (UAT) typically involves multiple steps and manual tasks, and takes testers and...
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